V/A - Swing´s Not Dead CD

Frankie Boy Records, the Sublabel for wild Swing Entertainment by Wolverine Records, give you a fantastic Overview about the small, but genious New Swing Scene! You get 20 Bands, who all have Swing as their main Music-influence, but they all play it in their own unique style. Influenced by Punk Rock (Wolfgang Parker, Casino Rumblers, Speedswing), Rockabilly (Buffalo Billys, Slick Fitty), Ska (Vespa, Rogue Steady Orchestra), Big Band Sound (Neon Swing X-Perience, Boogie Radio Orchestra), Lounge (Cat Pack, Billy Rubin Trio, Queensgang Orchestra), Old-School-Swing (Louise Gold, Hep Chaps, Smoky Joe Combo, astonishing Coverversions (Billy Rubin Trio/The Clash, Casino Rumblers/AC/DC...)  and even some german Lyrics work out very fine (Pinkspots, Budzillus).

You get international Bans from around the globe (Germany, France, UK, USA, Australia, Austria, Argentinia, Poland). This is 100% wild Entertainment and not your Grampa and Grammas Swing Lesson! Swing always was a Subculture with a touch Rebel and this is what the Compilation shows you! More than half of the Songs are previously unreleased. You also get a very cool Artwork down by the french Rock’n’Roll Artist Marie Meier.

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