The new Wolverine Labelsampler for 2020 + T-Shirt


Wolverine Records has become in it’s 28 years of existing one of the most popular independent Punk, Rock’n’Roll and Billy Labels from germany and is known in the whole world for its powerful and cool Bands! With this brandnew Label Compilation Wolverine shows his amazing actual Band-Rooster. You find the latest Releases as well as upcoming acts. Wolverine was always an open minded Label, so we have hot Punk Bands like Reno Divorce, Rather Raccoon, Shout-Outs! and Angry Youth Elite, cool Psychobilly like Night Nurse, The Hyperjax, The Devil'N'Us and The Hellbilly Hitmen, Rockabilly Stuff like The Cable Bugs, Horror-Punk infected Material like Left Hand Black, Dead United and the Mutant Reavers, Folk-Punk Stuff like The Mahones, Feelgood McLouds, Jamie Clarke’s Perfect and Malasaners, Punk’n’Roll Bands like The Silver Shine, Johnny Rocket, The Bloodstrings and Los Cinco Felices Cuatro and german Punk like Oh Henry and Düsselboiz. This CD is packed with 23 Songs and about over 70 Minutes Playtime! And nine of these Songs are the first time on CD!

1.RENO DIVORCE - Wyoming Girl 2.THE HELLBOUND HITMEN - Wasted Youth Crew*
3.LEFT HAND BLACK - Let's scare Jessica to death
6.OH HENRY - Yeah 7.THE HYPERJAX - Bringing the bad back home
8.DEAD UNITED - Green Glowing Skulls*
9.THE SILVER SHINE - Hi-Octane Rock'n'Roll*
10.THE DEVIL'N'US - Graveyard of my dreams
11.ANGRY YOUTH ELITE - Going Nowhere*
12.NIGHT NURSE - Nurse U2 Death
13.JAMIE CLARKES PERFECT - Jackson Town (Alternate)*
14.JOHNNY ROCKET - Sold my Soul 15.MALASANERS - Long live the Glory
16.THE CABLE BUGS - Have a Ball
18.SHOUT-OUTS! - Baby Borderline* 19.MUTANT REAVERS - Primal Rage*
20.DÜSSELBOIZ - Hopfen und Malz* 21.RATHER RACCOON - Beyond Command
22.THE MAHONES - Last one to Die
23.CRISPY JONES (feat. Cati) – Death at Primetime*

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