Adriano Batolba Orchestra - Live N Loud 10 Inch Vinyl/CD

CD ( - 1,00 EUR )

Now also on Vinyl. 6 Songs of the Rockabilly Giant and his Orchestra. Limited 10 Inch Collector Version in clear blue Vinyl. One Song not on the CD Version.

Whenever a rockabilly Production in Germany the last years became famous – Adriano BaTolba was in it, as Singer, Guitarman, Composer or Producer. German TV-called BaTolba : „Germanys Rockabilly-Guitarman Number One“. In 2009 the Gretsch Guitar Company had the Idea, to form an Orchestra with BaTolba at the Frankfurter Musicfair. That was the Moment BaTolba has waited for: through his work as Producer and Musician he already has played with some of the best Hornsections, and so only a few calles later the „Adriano BaTolba Orchestra“ was born. First reactions of Critics and Musician were enthusastic. Since then he has played lot of big shows in Germany, had several appearances in german TV and has became the german „Brian Setzer“ in the Rockabilly Scene. He even opened the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf in 2011 with his fantastic Orchestra Version of the the last years winner title „Satellite“ where 100 of Millions TV watchers could listen to him. Also with famous DICK BRAVE he was on Tour and filled the Festivals and Halls with tenthousand of Fans. So her it is: a 13-piece, energy-turbo filled Rockabilly Big Band, that will shake every Dancefloor!  And now also on CD! The whole intensity of A.B.O. banned on a record!   8 Song CD!

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